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PCC Development Network

Facing global competition isn't easy; neither is leading a multi billion world-class manufacturing company. The development programs at PCC prepare you for both. We want to support your dreams and ambitions.

PCC offers exciting development programs to prepare you to be a successful business leader. These programs merge rotational, on-the-job training with formal, skills-based education. The rotational assignments can encompass many different aspects of our businesses, providing you with diverse, value-added experiences. If you want to be a future leader in a world-class manufacturing organization, please review the following program descriptions to help you decide which path is right for you.

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"The MDP experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of PCC business operations and enhanced my ability to operate as an engineer." - MDP Graduate
"The MDP was a great experience for me because it complemented my engineering knowledge and skills with a better understanding of the PCC business operations." - Unit Engineering Supervisor and MDP Graduate
"My week-long training with area supervisors was so valuable to me.  I was able to show my face to nearly everyone in each department, meet most of the supervisors and leads, learn the process, and see what hourly employees were going through.  I discovered personalities and began forging critical relationships with the people I would later count on to get my projects moving." - Corporate MDP Program Participant
"I was given a very supportive supervisor and mentor.  In my first rotation I found myself with more project ideas than I could possibly manage.  I was given the right push, guidance, and freedom to make my own decisions on extra project work;  those have turned into several success stories." - Corporate MDP Program Participant
"I was really happy with my ability to communicate with all levels of the business.  I feel that PCC helped me achieve this by creating an atmosphere welcoming of communication.  I was also encouraged to communicate with other PCC facilities.  I was able to travel to several facilities within the organization." - MDP Graduate
"As a General Manager within PCC Airfoils, the Management Development Program provided me with the experience needed to kick start and take control of my career.  Following the program I progressed to management level positions including Production Control and Sales Manager.   I now lead an organization with over 700 employees and sales volume in excess of $100 million!  The sky is the limit for those that are interested in taking on a challenge!" - General Manager and MDP Graduate