SMP Operations

Wickliffe and Eastlake, OH

SMP Facility
SMP Wickliffe Plant
SMP Blades
Sx, DS, Equiax Castings
SMP Ceramics
Robotic Dip Operation
The SMP Operations consist of two locations - Wickliffe, Ohio and Eastlake, OH approximately 20 minutes east of downtown Cleveland, OH.
Plant Size
130,000 Square Feet – Wickliffe
50,000 Square Feet - Eastlake
35,000 Square Feet - ECF Wickliffe
PCC Airfoils – SMP manufactures military and commercial turbine blades and vanes for aircraft and land-based applications
Super Alloys composed primarily of nickel and cobalt are used to cast the blades and vanes for gas turbine engines
ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016
Nadcap AS7003, CP AC7108/2, 15
NDT RT AC7114/4, PT AC7114/1
M&l Airflow AC7130/5
Wickliffe Address:
29501 Clayton Road
Wickliffe, OH 44092
Tel: (440) 585-3100
Fax: (440) 585-6961
Eastlake Address:
34300 Melinz Parkway
Eastlake, OH 44095
Tel: (440) 585-3100
General Manager
Ben Ackroyd
Sales Manager
Tobin Gibert
HR Manager
Allie McCann